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How brands use WARC

“WARC is brilliant for finding advertising knowledge and news that actually matter. It’s truly a one-stop shop for helpful information.”


Director, Brand Building Integrated Communication, Procter & Gamble

How media owners use WARC

“WARC’s Strategy Toolkit is essential reading for anyone who joins my team. For someone new to strategy or planning, the Toolkit helps them to get across the fundamentals in accessible modules; for more experienced strats it is a useful resource to refresh their knowledge or sense check their process.”


Global Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Strategy, Insights & Effectiveness, Powered by Nine

How agencies use WARC

“For me, WARC provides dialogue and expertise on the harder questions of marketing and advertising – things like effectiveness, like the deeper truths of human response, or even the “real” experience that other brands and practitioners like me are having.

“I get enough headlines and social chatter, I look to WARC for the science of the discipline of strategy and planning. With WARC, my teams can source rigor behind how advertising works today. In an age of so much fleeting and fast information, WARC is reliable for unpacking the enduring truths of human behavior and advertising.”


Chief Strategy Officer, Leo Burnett Chicago

How holding companies use WARC

“Being a user of WARC for the past 7 years, I have seen it evolve from a repository of creative case studies to a resource to learn from. I find the thought leadership pieces, research papers, reports and award cases put together in a way that’s truly mind-opening.

“From all the emails that I get from our resource partners, I make sure I read the ones from WARC regularly, I wouldn’t want to miss something I’d regret. And when I do find something useful and relevantly insightful, I make sure to pass it to my team.

“The credibility of WARC has also definitely grown with its association with big creative and strategic platforms, making it an essential tool unlike other good-to-have subscriptions. Undoubtedly, WARC has become increasingly valuable and an integral part of our day-to-day.”


Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe Malaysia

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