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It's time to take stock of the strategy discipline, at a time of significant upheaval.

Now in its ninth year, the 2021 Future of Strategy survey found the demand for strategy services evolved as the pandemic progressed, with its role in the industry growing in influence.

With 11 expert contributor pieces, also available on, the Future of Strategy 2021 report uncovers how strategy careers are diversifying, and what strategists and agencies need to do to ensure they hold and develop diverse skills and talent to match. With a focus on:
  • The impact of COVID on speed of working, productivity and influence within strategy.
  • How future career plans are shifting away from traditional routes.
  • The skills needed by the next generation of strategists and how they can go about gathering them.
  • Disconnect between acknowledgement and action in DEI issues, to ensure the industry benefits from a diverse and inclusive workforce.


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