Changing channels in B2B

Shifting strategies in tech and telco marketing

In our recent research more than 80% of B2B marketers told us that they wanted to focus more on brand-building.

This white paper, created in partnership with Spotify, focuses on marketing trends in the tech and telecoms sector. Areas where the pace of change is high, and there is high growth potential in the current economic climate.

It looks at the themes that marketers in these verticals are focusing on, and how they are planning to develop their marketing strategies into 2021.

These includes:

  • The reshaping of B2B: Drivers of change

  • How B2B audiences are changing

  • New ways to drive reach

  • The rise of creativity and brand-building


The basis for the report is a series of interviews with CMOs from leading businesses in tech and telco, in addition to a survey of more than 330 B2B marketers within these industries based in 10 markets across the world. The data from this research were combined with a review of WARC’s global data, industry knowledge, examples and expert contributions.

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