WARC Guide to Brand activism in the Black Lives Matter era

The Black Lives Matter movement has galvanized consumers, asking brands to define how they respond to racial injustice.

Brands are asking, what should they be doing now? How can they move forward in a way that's effective and provides empathy, earnestness and empowerment in their engagements with the Black community?

Guest-edited by Kai D. Wright — Columbia University Lecturer, Ogilvy Global Consulting Partner, Author and Founder of blacklist100 — the WARC Guide to Brand activism in the Black Lives Matter era, compiles insights and learnings from prominent Black voices in the marketing community to help marketers navigate these challenges, and lead with purpose. It includes examples from leading brands including Procter & Gamble, Ford, Netflix, Levi’s, Visa, Ben & Jerry’s, Nike and Pandora, among others.

The Guide’s four chapters map out how the Black Lives Matter movement is intersecting with brands: 

1. The movement reaches critical mass
2. What consumers want brands to do
3. Inside out — Doing work internally first
4. Internal work inspires external work



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