Webinar: Unpacking creative effectiveness' best kept secret [Recording]

Analysing the effectiveness potential of digital packaging as lead media and within the media mix.

With packaging often overlooked as a lead media channel in creative campaigns, brands can miss the opportunity for significant commercial growth. Recent analysis of marketing effectiveness has shown that when brands did lead with packaging - and applied genuine creative excellence - the commercial  effects were often huge across both short and long-term brand-building and performance objectives.

WARC and HP Graphics Arts partnered to examine the effectiveness potential of packaging - and specifically digitally printed packaging - as lead media and its impact on sales, ROI and other hard and soft business metrics.

Join this webinar to discover the role of digital packaging as a driver of growth, including:
  • Advice for marketers looking to test the effectiveness potential of digital packaging
  • Discover if digital packaging can amplify other channels in the media mix
  • The role of user generated content, co-creation and storytelling in the effective use of digital packaging
  • The long-term brand-building opportunities of packaging
  • How to navigate the sustainability and e-commerce challenges of packaging
Hosted by:
  • Julieta Loaiza (VP Marketing, Communications and Corporate Affairs Nestle Mexico)
  • Jose Gorbea (HP Graphics, Global Head of Brands Innovation)
  • Amy Rodgers (Managing Editor, Research and Rankings, WARC)

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