AA/WARC Expenditure Report: Executive summary Q4 2020

The definitive guide to advertising expenditure in the UK

AA_WARC Q4 2020.png

Every quarter, the UK media are surveyed to produce the UK's most reliable adspend figures. The Report includes comprehensive advertising forecasts for the next two years, helping agencies, analysts, media owners and advertisers with budgeting, forecasting and risk analysis.

Here's a snapshot of the data coming out of the latest release:

  1. Total UK adspend fell by 7.2% to £23.5bn in 2020 with an absolute loss of £1.8bn. This was the second-largest decline since monitoring began in 1982. 
  2. Only five sectors increased ad investment in 2020, with the government, social & political sector raising spend the most (+37.2%). 
  3. UK adspend rose by 2.6% during the final quarter of 2020, to just under £7.0bn, which is the highest total ever recorded in a single quarter. 
  4. The prospects for the UK’s ad market this year remain bright, with adspend expected to rise 15.2% (+15.5% excl. direct mail), to a new high of £27.0bn. 
The full executive report and access to the data is available through subscription here or submit your details to download your sample of the report.


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